The Syncretic Aesthetic

The Unique Appeal Of Artistic Homes

There is a unique movement in America where homes and buildings are designed by hand as it was done in the earlier times. From wood that is shaped by the hand and the use of hand tools to build the structures, this movement promotes the work of craftsmen who design the buildings in different ways. There are certain common features of these homes like:

• A unique elegance out of the handmade structures.
• Hand made joinery to hold the different components together.
• Utilitarian design.
Hence, homes that are primarily handmade do not have the modern or luxurious appeal built as certain woodenelegance that appeals to many. Indeed, it is a movement to keep alive the tradition of building things by hand tools as used to be the norm before machinery came into existence. 

The origin of the movement
This movement is not in America alone. It is influenced by the French art movement as well as the Victorian culture in Britain. This movement gained popularity in America around the early part of the twentieth century. In this movement, the grandeur of Victorian era décor is removed and more focus is kept on the quality and the handiwork of the construction. The handmade constructions that were in vogue before the industrial era and the techniques of mass production are aimed to be revived by this movement. Even modern home elements like multifunctional furniture for small spaces are designed with handmade tools.

Features of the handiwork
The handmade items like multifunctional furniture for small spaces are easy to recognize. The furniture has vertical slats that are open, visible tenors and a thick framework. The built in bookcases and cabinets also have hand forged latches and hinges, check this craft room storage solutions. This movement was popular in Middle America where there was the availability of hardwood to a large extent.

Distinct lumbar work
Mostly oak is used in these projects and the lumber is crafted by the quarter sawn method which is the way of cutting wooden planks so that the grain stows. There is no inlaid carvings or wood that is included in these designs. The main focus of the design of this woodwork is functional.

Unique look and appeal
There are unique features of handmade homes that are characteristic of the handiwork of lumbar men. The designs of the homes and accessories are kept functional. The entire outcome is durable, rustic and a middle class look and appeal. There are certain signature features of these constructions like lit and open rooms with oversized rocking chairs, bookcases, and sideboard tables, leather upholstery of the chairs and sofas and so forth. There is a certain artistry in handmade homes that appeal to many and keeps this movement popular.

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